Outdoor Team Building

Dragon Boat Experience

90 minutes, approximately $30/person

Explore what dragon boat is all about

  • 60 - 75 minutes in a dragon boat
  • Learn the basics of technique and racing
outdoor team building

Half Day Experience

3 hours, approximately $60/person Best Seller

Explore how dragon boat can shape a better team

2 x 45 minute sessions in a dragon boat

  • 1 practice
  • 1 mini regatta

1 x 45 minute session on land

  • Mental performance activity

Full Day Experience

6 hours, approximately $90/person Greatest Value

Explore the high performance team building that dragon boat can offer

3 x 45 minute sessions in a dragon boat

  • 2 practices
  • 1 mini regatta

2 x 45 minute sessions on land

  • 2 mental performance sessions

Break for lunch, catering optional

Prices are subject to change based on group size and location